The Helmut & Babs Amos Scholarship, funded by the DAAD Foundation, is awarded to South African students and researchers at excellent universities in South Africa to support research undertaken in Germany as part of a doctoral project or final master’s thesis in the engineering sciences or applied natural sciences related to the engineering sciences.

German students and researchers can similarly take up the scholarship for research undertaken as part of a doctoral project or final master’s thesis in the engineering sciences or applied natural sciences related to the engineering sciences at an excellent South African university.

The DAAD Foundation pursues similar objectives to those of the DAAD e.V. with the difference that the funding available is donated by private individuals. The latter are people who have been very lucky in their lives (in some cases due to having held a scholarship themselves) and now wish to show their gratitude by supporting young students and academics from their private means. The DAAD Foundation and its trustee, the DAAD e.V., collaborate closely in administering this funding.

Helmut Amos is a German engineer from the University of Stuttgart who has been living in South Africa for over 50 years. Together with his late wife Babs he started an engineering company, manufacturing machinery for the wine and agricultural industries. It is very important to him to support academic relations between South Africa and Germany by personally donating funds to support so-called scholarship sponsorships.

Who can apply?

Applicants in the engineering sciences or in the applied natural sciences related to the engineering sciences who have distinguished themselves in the course of their studies and, where relevant, in their career, based on excellent professional achievements, and ideally have also demonstrated outstanding social commitment, are eligible for funding. Proficiency in English and German is desirable.

  • Very well qualified South African and German doctoral candidates, PhDs and postdocs, as well as students who have gained a Master degree or Diplom, or in exceptional cases a Bachelor degree, by the time the scholarship programme starts.
  • South African doctoral candidates who are already pursuing their doctoral studies at a German university are not eligible to apply.
  • Female applicants and applicants from socially disadvantaged backgrounds are given priority in the event of equal qualifications.

Application Process

South Africans who wish to apply for the scholarship must apply for the standard DAAD Short-Term Research Grant or DAAD One-Year Grant and state in the application form and letter of motivation that they are applying for funding provided by the Helmut & Babs Amos Scholarship Programme.

More on the application procedure and criteria, as well as information for Germans wishing to apply to take up a research project in South Africa, can be viewed here:

Helmut & Amos Babs Scholarship