Consultations at the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg are suspended until further notice. Appointments can still be made for sessions in our office.

Have you got questions about study and research in Germany? Have you always dreamed of studying in Europe? Are you looking for funding for your Master or PhD degree? Then come in for a consultation with your DAAD South Africa Team! We would be happy to assist and advise!

We offer consultation sessions in our Office at the University of the Witwatersrand every Tuesday and Friday from 10h00 - 13h00.

We also offer consultations at the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg every Thursday from 16h00 - 17h30, in case you have difficult in coming into Wits.

In the Sidebar you can follow the two links to the online scheduling tools for the two sessions. You will be able to schedule an appointment and receive an email with confirmation of your appointment. In this email there will be a link with which you can cancel the appointment, should you wish to do so. You may cancel the appointment up until 48 hours in advance. After that, there will be no opportunity to do so anymore.

So come in! Chat with us! We look forward to meeting and assisting you!

Please note:

The consultation at the DAAD Information Centre is based on best knowledge and practice and is offered in good faith. The DAAD Information Centre however, accepts no liability for the correctness of information.