The DAAD awards funding to Sub-Saharan African students for Master or PhD degrees in their home country or in another Sub-Saharan African country outside their home country. These In-Region scholarships lead to mobility of researchers between Sub-Saharan African countries and capacity building at African universities.

DAAD In-Region scholarships are generally awarded for specific fields of study. In South Africa, for instance, other Sub-Saharan African Nationals can obtain a Master degree in human rights law with an In-Region scholarship at the Centre for Human Rights (CHR) based at the University of Pretoria. Likewise, a South African citizen may apply for a In-Region scholarship for a PhD in Development Studies at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER) based at the University of Ghana. Some of the In-Region scholarships in certain countries, however, are awarded to citizens of those same countries.

DAAD In-Region scholarship holders are eligible for exciting funding opportunities in addition to the scholarship they have received for their full-time Master or PhD degree in Sub-Saharan Africa. They may choose to apply for DAAD funding for a Short-Term Research Visit of 2 - 6 months to Germany and/or attend one of six summer schools on offer in Germany during their funding period with the DAAD. They are thus able to gain experience and network in African countries as well as in Germany.

Please note: Applicants must first apply for their studies at the respective host institutions using the contacts and the method that is prescribed by the institution. The host institutions set their own deadlines. The host institutions will screen, pre-select (according to DAAD selection criteria) and short-list the applicants. DAAD reserves the right of final selection. The host institutions will provide the shortlisted candidates with the link to the DAAD-Portal. Only the pre-selected candidates are asked to log into the DAAD portal, register themselves and submit an DAAD application.

Open Calls for In-Country/In-Region Scholarships in Sub-Saharan Africa

Calls are open now for various Master and PhD scholarships in development-related fields at universities in East, Central and West Africa. All Sub-Saharan Africans may apply!

Please click here for full details and calls with deadlines.

In-Region Scholarships in South Africa

The centres or departments at the South African universities below have DAAD In-Region scholarships available for postgraduate study. The scholarships at the centres below are generally only open to other Sub-Saharan African Nationals. South Africans may apply for the DAAD-NRF In-Country Scholarship for postgraduate studies in South Africa.