The programme aims at fostering strong, internationally oriented higher education systems in Sub-Saharan Africa with the capacity to contribute to sustainable development.
The purpose of the fellowship programme for staff exchange is to promote interuniversity co-operation through academic mobility and to enhance the quality of teaching and research at Sub-Saharan African universities.

The objective is to improve the quality and quantity of training and research at Sub-Saharan African universities and to promote the mobility of lecturers
  • The host institution shall provide the local expenses such as lodging, board, local transportation and medical care during the stay.
  • The home institution shall maintain the payment of the salary and benefits for the duration of the fellowship.
  • The implementation of the fellowship should contribute to develop staff exchange between Sub-Saharan African universities.

Who can apply?

(Senior) staff of Sub-Saharan African universities who have completed their PhD degree and who are granted leave of absence by their home institution for the purpose of teaching at a Sub-Saharan African host institution.
For further information, see: “Application requirements”

What can be funded?

The fellowships are tenable at accredited Sub-Saharan African universities. Scholarships are generally aimed at fellows who want to go to a university in a country of their home region (here: Sub-Saharan Africa/outside their home country).

Applications may come from all subject areas with strong relevance to national or regional development.

Terms and Conditions
At the end of the fellowship the fellow has to provide a detailed report on the findings of the teaching and give further information on future co-operation and academic activities.

Duration of the funding

The awards are tenable for a period of one month up to six months and are not renewable.


The fellowship consists of:
  • a travel allowance
  • monthly allowance of EUR 1.200,--
The fellowship is designed as a subsidy to the scholar’s current salary / study leave income. The travel allowance and the honorarium cover all costs arising from and in connection with the travel and stay. This may be, for example, visa fees, costs for health checks or vaccinations, baggage costs or luggage insurance and taxable charges.

The scholarship will be paid directly to the scholarship holder´s banking account. Further details will be announced after admission to the scholarship programme.
The DAAD will endeavor to transfer/pay out the first payments as quickly as possible after the scholarship holder has arrived at the host institution. Nevertheless, it is recommended to bring a financial reserve for the first time period.

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