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  • Cape Town, South Africa

    • Dr Stephan Buchholz

      DAAD Lecturer at SA-GER Centre for Development Research, University of the Western Cape

      Areas of Interests and Fields of Research: Empirical Social Research (HIV/AIDS related Stigma), Developments Studies, Evaluation.

    • Alois Fuchs

      DAAD Language Assistant at the University of Cape Town


      Tel: +27 (0) 64 877 1044

      Address: University of Cape Town, Upper Campus, School of Literatures and Languages, Beattie Building - Office B118a, University Avenue South, Rondebosch 7700, South Africa

  • Harare, Zimbabwe

    • Roma Gendera

      DAAD Lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe

      Address: Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Zimbabwe, P.O Box MP 167, Mt. Pleasant, Harare


      Tel: +26 3784313107

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

    • DAAD/SA

      Dr Anja Hallacker, Director of DAAD South Africa

      DAAD Lecturer in the German Department of the University of the Witwatersrand

      Address: SH3171, Third Floor, Solomon Mahlangu House, University of the Witwatersrand, PO Box 269, Wits 2050, Johannesburg, South Africa


      Tel: +27 (0) 11 717 9334

      Areas of Interests and Fields of Research: German as a Foreign Language, German Literature, Cultural studies, Internationalisation in Higher Education Institutions.

  • Maputo, Mozambique

    • Sophie Bornscheuer

      DAAD Lecturer at the Universidade Pedagógica de Moçambique

      Address: Universidade Pedagógica de Moçambique; Faculdade de Linguagem, Comunicação e Artes; Rua João Carlos Raposo Beirão, nº 135; Maputo


      Tel: +258 849187906

  • Stellenbosch, South Africa

    • Christian Condin

      DAAD Language Assistant at the University of Stellenbosch


      Address: Stellenbosch University, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Modern Foreign Languages, Private Bag 1, Matieland 7602; Office: Arts and Social Science Building, Merriman Ave, Room 537.

    • DAAD/SA

      Dr Ursula Renate Riedner

      Senior Lecturer, DAAD

      Department of Modern Foreign Languages of the University of Stellenbosch

      Address: Private Bag X1
      Matieland 7602


      Tel: +27 (0)21 808 3886

      Fax: +27 (0)21 808 2035

      Areas of Interest and Fields of Research: Literaricity, poetics, narration and language play in Second Language Learning. Critical language teaching theory. Cultural studies in German as a Foreign Language. Contemporary German literature.

  • Windhoek, Namibia

    • DAAD/SA

      Barbara Liebel

      DAAD Lecturer at the University of Namibia

      Address: Private Bag 13301, 340 Mandume Ndemufayo Ave, Pionierspark, Windhoek, NAMIBIA


      Tel: +264 (0)61 206 3042

      DAAD Namibia Facebook