Are you an innovator with an idea the world should know about? Enter the Falling Walls Lab Capetown and stand a chance to pitch your innovation to a prestigious international audience in Berlin in November!

 ‘Falling Walls Labs’ are events held around the world in which budding innovators have just three minutes to pitch a groundbreaking idea that stands to change the world for the better. Co-hosted by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the University of Cape Town the FWL Capetown wil take place on 22 September.

The winners of these international labs come together in Berlin, Germany on the 9th of November each year – the day that marks the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. There, the lab winners compete against one another.

Not only do the international lab winners gain international exposure for their innovative research, they are able to network with their global innovator peers as well as with major potential investors and incubators. The lab winners also have the opportunity to rub shoulders with renowned movers and shakers. In 2021, the Falling Walls keynote speech in Berlin was given by none other than Dr Özlem Türeci who, together with her team at BioNTech, developed one of the first mRNA-vaccines against COVID-19. Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has also been amongst the Falling Walls keynote speakers.

At a time marked by the pandemic, political polarisation, a crumbling of the globalisation project and war in Europe (a region that has been characterised by peace and stability over recent decades), the coming together of innovators from across the globe has now gained a new symbolism and importance. Whilst various forces are working to divide us, innovation and scientific progress stand to unite and propel us into a brighter future – not only figuratively but quite literally too, as Emmie has shown.

More about the Falling Walls competition: Do you have an idea the world should know about?

Apply to present that idea at the Falling Walls Lab Cape Town on Thursday 22 September 2022! Then convince the jury of your idea – in just 3 minutes.

1st prize: Trip to Berlin to participate in the international Falling Walls finale + R10 000

2nd prize: R8 000

3rd prize: R6 000

Students as well as early-career researchers, academics and entrepreneurs are eligible to apply.

Ideas from all academic disciplines are welcome.

Application deadline: 5 August 2022

Apply here: