EPOS scholarships by DAAD for the 2023 MSc Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design programme are open for applications now!

This interdisciplinary double-degree links perspectives from the South and North by studying the first year at University of Stuttgart, Germany, and the second year at Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. Students learn critical engagement with theories and practices related to dynamically transforming cities, new skills and methodologies how to link research and design, and how to ground knowledge in formats of reality-based learning.

EPOS Scholarship requirements
• first year of study in Stuttgart, second year in Cairo
• at least two years of professional working experience
• applicant‘s nationality on the DAC list (developing countries OECD)

Deadline for EPOS scholarship candidates from DAC countries: 29 July 2022

More Infromation here: EPOS IUSD

In addition, the University of Stuttgart offers the MSc. IUSD as a so-called single degree. Both years are studied in Stuttgart, unfortunately this version cannot be supported by the EPOS scholarship.
Deadline for single-degree program (without EPOS scholarships): 15 October 2022

More infromation here: IUSD