International students learning together in the library.

Applications are open for Postdoctoral and PhD fellowships in Systems Optimization for Sustainable Resources Utilization at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in Rwanda. Deadline  31 Jan!

The Research Chair Prof. Abebe Geletu at AIMS Rwanda in collaboration with the Process Optimization Group Chair Prof. Pu Li at TU Ilmenau is offering Postdoctoral fellowships as well as 3 PhD fellowships at AIMS Rwanda research center in Kigali.

These fellowships are made available and funded by the DAAD to promote international academics exchange as well as educational co-operation with developing countries through a variety of funding and scholarship programs.

Application Deadlines for Postdoctoral and PhD fellowships are 31 January 2022!

More information on the programmes and application process:

PostDoc Fellowship at AIMS

PhD Fellowship at AIMS