Postgraduate training in a field with strong relevance for national development, aiming at university staff development and public sector demand of academically trained personnel.

Wer kann sich bewerben?

South African nationals or permanent residents.
Female applicants are especially encouraged to apply.

Was wird gefördert?

Master and PhD studies.

Dauer der Förderung

Up to two years for the Master’s, up to three years for the PhD.


  • ZAR 80.000,- p.a. for Master’s
  • ZAR 110.000,- p.a. for PhD


Applications have to be submitted to NRF only. Applications submitted elsewhere will not be considered. Final selection is made by a panel consisting of university professors and representatives of both NRF and DAAD. Successful candidates will be informed through NRF.

Weitere Informationen

The annual call is published on NRF’s website from June on:

It can also be found on the website of the DAAD Information Centre Johannesburg:

For any further assistance and information around the DAAD/NRF In-Country Scholarship programme please contact your institutions financial aid / bursary / postgraduate office.

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